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The man was bitten by a poisonous snake,and the Kaiping police and Xinhui traffic police cooperated to rescue the man
  • Update:2022-05-11 18:42

Recently, a man was accidentally bitten by a poisonous snake. After receiving the information, the Kaiping public security police and Xinhui traffic police escorted them all the way to the hospital, winning precious time for the rescue of the injured.

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At 16:15 p.m. on May 9, the police of the Longsheng Police Station of Kaiping City Public Security Bureau received a report that a person was bitten by a round-spotted viper in a farm in Longsheng Town. Go to Kaiping Central Hospital for treatment and ask the police for help.Time is life, and police intelligence is an order. After receiving the alarm, the auxiliary policeman from Longsheng Police Station quickly drove a police car to the Longsheng Health Center to respond, and then sounded the siren all the way to Kaiping Central Hospital. At the same time, the police reported the situation to the command center of the Kaiping Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the police in the command center immediately dispatched the intelligent traffic monitoring center to regulate the traffic lights along the line, opening up a green channel for the rescue police cars. After arriving at Kaiping Central Hospital, after preliminary diagnosis by doctors, the injured need to be immediately transferred to Xinhui Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for injection of serum. Subsequently, the police escorted the injured to Xinhui Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In order to strive for the best time for treatment, the police of Longsheng Police Station reported the situation to the command center again, and requested the Xinhui Traffic Police Brigade to assist in escort and escort the injured to the hospital as quickly as possible.

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From Kaiping Central Hospital to Xinhui Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it took only 50 minutes to arrive at the original time of more than an hour, which won more treatment time for the injured.After treatment, the injured man is in stable condition and is not life-threatening. His co-workers and family members praised the police for taking care of the people's urgency and sincerely doing practical things for the people, and expressed their heartfelt thanks.