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Wonderful Night Life
  • Update:2007-03-16 09:11
To experience wonderful night life in Kaiping, you had better to go to singing bar. There are topping sound equipment and various songs in most of singing bar. You can sing here as your bent. Except for Kara Ok, there are a lot of amusement act, such as reminiscent dancing and singer’s perform, reminiscent dancing is welcome by dancer enjoying slow-step dance. If you don’t like slow-step dance, you would enjoy soft music and have drink and chat with your friends. Singer’s act is another focus, some singers sing various songs accompanied with dance players’ dancing. Various songs include popular songs, folk songs and English songs. Singers have sweet voice and rich experience. Audiences are often attracted by songs and give handclap to singers. It has a perfect interaction.
Kaiping singing bar is an all-around place for singing and dancing. Tourists will happy for perfect rhythm and dancer’s posture.