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50 aeromodelling airplanes flying in Chishui of Kaiping
  • Update:2018-12-03

The morning of December 1, 2018 China ( Jiangmen ) Kaiping Diaolou tourism festival – the 2nd Kaiping model airplane science popularization carnival and the sweet potatoes concert was opened, 50 aeromodelling airplanes flying in shy of Linwu airport of Chishui, Kaiping.


There were 50 aeromodelling airplanes attending the performance, including the F22 model aeroplane, annihilates 10 model plane, hand toss glider, four axis unmanned aerial vehicle and many other kinds.


In addition, the activity also set up special food stalls, such as baked sweet potatoes, bamboo rice delicacies, salt meat zongzi and other special delicious food for the tourists to taste, to carry forward the food culture of Kaiping